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We turn complex data into simple human truths and express these in a fresh and engaging way

We turn mounds of data into direction-giving insights that teams can relate to and engage with

 Deeper insights inspire bigger ideas for communication and new product development

We help craft concepts that resonate with the target and spark brand growth


From workshops that deliver product innovation concepts to brand strategies that inspire, we provide tailored solutions built around our tried and trusted 3-step approach.

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Based out of Hamburg and operating internationally, MilesFurther is run by Charmian Tardieu together with a network of business strategists, creative thinkers and affiliated research agencies.



Charmian Tardieu

A highly respected moderator and strategic planner, Charmian has an insatiable curiosity about people.  She finds out what really matters to them and what makes them tick.  Connecting to people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe with an open heart and positive spirit, she loves to discover fresh perspectives and stimulate creativity in a way that moves people and businesses forward.


Growing up bilingual in Hamburg and London, and with a degree in French, Charmian spent the first 13 years of her career as a planner in global ad agencies such as TBWA and BBDO in Europe and the US.  She was Senior Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning at D’Arcy, Los Angeles until 2002, when she moved back to Germany to start MilesFurther.


Charmian credits her boundless energy to her daily yoga and meditation practice, her love of green juices and her passion for running.

Tel: +49 40 4321 4288


Paul-Sorge-Str. 129
22455 Hamburg


Tel: +49 40 4321 4288


Paul-Sorge-Strasse 129
22455 Hamburg