Charmian Tardieu
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Charmian Tardieu

A highly respected coach, moderator and insight strategist, Charmian has an insatiable curiosity about people. She loves to connect with an open heart and positive spirit to find deeper insights and discover how to help others fulfill their potential. She is passionate about finding fresh perspectives and stimulating creativity in a way that helps people and businesses grow.

Growing up bilingual in Hamburg and London, after 13 years as a strategist in various global advertising agencies in Europe and the US, she ended up as Senior Vice President, Director of Strategic Planning at D’Arcy, Los Angeles. She moved back to Germany to start MilesFurther in 2002.

Charmian combines insight-based strategy, coaching and mindfulness to deliver breakthroughs for the development of innovation strategy as well as women in leadership positions. She digs deep to understand the often unconscious and emotional factors that are blocking change in people and organisations. These insights serve as a foundation for inspiring strategy workshops she moderates for senior management.

She specialises in coaching high-achieving women in business to break through barriers and create a more supportive and inclusive environment at work. She is also known as The Joy Coach for her ability to bring about positive change in people and businesses.

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