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We believe that connecting to people emotionally is the springboard to really good ideas.

We get to the heart of what really matters to your target
We create the right conditions to unlock creative potential within your team
We fuel passion for superior ideas to help move them forward within the organisation

We turn complex data into simple human truths and express these in a fresh and engaging way.

We turn mounds of data into direction-giving insights that teams can relate to and engage with
Deeper insights inspire bigger ideas for communication and new product development
We help craft concepts that resonate with the target and spark brand growth

What we do


What we do

From remote or location-based workshops that deliver product innovation concepts to brand strategies that inspire, we provide tailored solutions built around our tried and trusted three-step approach.

Turning data into directional information

Finding the nuggets

We sift through clients’ existing research and other data, to highlight key information with a fresh perspective, providing:

  • Insightful conclusions
  • Interesting hypotheses
  • Directions to work on
  • Opportunities to dig deeper

Tracing the scent

We carry out qualitative research, getting up close and personal to uncover the true story and emotional triggers that often lie beyond the words:

  • Consumer interviews & ethnographies, observing closely for inconsistencies
  • Group discussions using creative stimulus

Listening in

Social listening online – looking at chat forums, Facebook and consumer review pages – gives us new insight into:

  • Consumer trends
  • Unmet needs
  • Attitudes towards and usage of clients’ and competitors’ brands & products

Leading the way with insights, strategy and training

Expanding horizons

We help marketing teams look beyond their daily work to find new inspiration for communication and product development with:

  • Cross-category trend reports
  • Interesting examples from around the world
  • Social/ cultural themes
  • Consumer perspectives and trends on specific subjects e.g. health
  • Insightful conclusions

Finding purpose

Everything starts with the brand! Brands with a bigger purpose inspire greater emotional connection to their target – the foundation for growth, differentiation and loyalty. We offer:

  • Brand strategy review sparring sessions
  • Brand values / brand purpose workshops

Training teams

Inspiring your team with new tools and training motivates them and enhances their skillset. We offer training in:

  • Insight generation and concept-writing
  • Consumer centricity: “Meet your consumer” immersion days with accompanying insight extraction workshop

Generating insight-driven ideas and winning concepts

Unlocking ideas

We provide “Moderation Plus” for workshops! We bring out the best in people, stimulate creativity and provide strategic leadership and direction for:

  • Product innovation
  • Communication ideas
  • Advertising agency briefing
  • Digital content generation


We facilitate workshops involving your marketing team, key influencers and external experts to achieve

  • Deeper knowledge of future trends and market opportunities
  • Breakthrough product and communication ideas

Telling the story

As experts in concept writing with a proven and measurable track record of success, we turn ideas into stories that resonate with your target. Choose the kind of help you need:

  • Full service
  • Concept writing partner
  • Team guidance

Engaging and improving

We organise and lead concept labs all over the world, to improve and evolve the concepts with consumer input, carefully evaluating the feedback and balancing it with our expertise to:

  • Find the strongest ideas
  • Clarify the idea and optimise the wording
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Based out of Hamburg and operating internationally, MilesFurther is run by Charmian Tardieu together with a network of leadership coaches, creative strategists and affiliated research agencies.

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