Want to bring out the most resourceful, creative parts of yourself and your team?

Contact Charmian for insightful coaching to unlock new possibilities

“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding
the potential in people and has the courage to develop that potential.” – Brené Brown

We believe that deep emotional understanding is the key to transformation in people and organisations.

We get to the heart of what is blocking growth
We provide the emotional space for creative solutions

“Transformational experience… If you need to reconnect with yourself, your life and your purpose – and have confidence in the steps you take on your path forward – Charmian is your best choice”

Jennifer Halsall de Witt – COO at The Women in Fitness Association

“Energetic coach sparkling with positivity and optimism”

Charlotte Reither – Move On Up Consulting, Pharma and Medical Devices

“Naturally wise and joyful presence which was instrumental in creating a breakthrough, getting me into action quickly with clarity and conviction. Masterful coach!”

Alexandra Powell – Trainer/ Entrepreneur

“Truly motivated to make changes… a new sense of confidence and clarity”

Monika Wainowski – Manager, Health Services

We provide a safe space for people to explore and grow, so that they find new ways forward.

Re-energise teams and individuals through the discovery of their strengths, purpose and vision.
Help people flourish through authentic connection and fresh perspectives about what’s possible.

What We Do

  • Coaching of individuals and teams to unlock their full potential
  • Customised programmes to create positive change
  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence training
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Our Clients

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