Want to tackle diversity by helping your most promising female leaders move up to the next level?

Use our two-in-one approach to help them succeed

We believe that deep emotional understanding is the key to transformation in people and organisations.

We get to the heart of what is blocking change
We provide the emotional space for creative solutions

“Working with Charmian was inspiring … she excels in absolutely every aspect of the project …
a master of identifying a fundamental insight”

Julia Barysheva, Senior Brand Manager, Abbott Nutrition

“Charmian has a great talent for fuelling new horizons, helping teams see beyond the obvious…”

Beate Rosenthal, Associate Marketing Director, Proctor & Gamble

“Enthusiasm and energy … to drive workshops to excellent results”

Catherine Niebuhr, Global Marketing Director, Beiersdorf

“A masterful coach… with a wise and joyful presence…help you achieve goals quicker than you thought possible”

Alexandra Powell

“First choice for gathering strategic insights”

Maarten Schellekens, Vice President, Global Marketing and Branding, Acer

“Way of working and motivation invaluable in an ongoing transformation process”

Susanne Helmtag, Group Product Manager, STADA

Two in one: we combine a proven insight-driven strategy process with coaching of high-potential women.

High-level insights on recurring themes allow senior teams to develop breakthrough new solutions in a moderated workshop.
High-potential women leaders are given a safe space to build resilience and empower themselves with fresh perspectives.

What we do

Do you really know what’s going on underneath the surface?  What are the invisible barriers in your organisation and in people’s minds?

We have a unique process that gets to the heart both of your organisation and of your women leaders to give you deeper insights and a more personalised D&I strategy – based on your specific needs and issues.

STEP 1: Where are we now?

KICK-OFF WORKSHOP to give the space for human connection and sharing of current perspectives on the current D&I challenge. Develop hypotheses and understanding of what’s working and not working with current initiatives.

STEP 2: Can we learn more?

IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS with 10-15 high-potential women to gather insights into internal and organisational barriers to growth.  Giving space to go deeper and further into new (emotional) territories.

STEP 3: How can we use the new insights?

INSIGHT WORKSHOP to explore key themes from research, looking at recurring issues from an internal perspective (e.g. courage or lack of alignment) or external (e.g. voice not heard in organisation) and develop possible solutions. With the support of an expert on D&I from our network to provide new input on best practices.

STEP 4: How can we support the growth of high-potential women?

COACHING with those women from the in-depth interview phase who felt a connection to Charmian and are open to growing and learning with her to create more impact in the organisation.

STEP 5: How can we support the organisation to improve its D&I strategy over time?

STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP to review strategy implementation initiatives after last workshop and give deeper insights on overarching themes with more input that has come from getting to know the women over time.

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Understand the story of MilesFurther to understand the power of this approach

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Based out of Hamburg and operating internationally, MilesFurther is run by Charmian Tardieu together with a network of executive coaches, creative strategists and affiliated research agencies.

Charmian Tardieu – after 13 years in global advertising agencies – founded the strategic consultancy MilesFurther in 2002. She was determined to take global brands further through deeper emotional understanding of the target with a “hands-on / up-close” style of consultancy that meant doing the research herself as well as moderating the client innovation workshops afterwards. This ensured that the full vibrancy and depth of the target audience insights could be guaranteed and guide the development of new ideas in the workshops that followed.

In a parallel world she developed a passion for coaching people and teaching mindfulness. She runs another B2C business called The Joy Coach (www.thejoycoach.com) for high-achieving women who are looking to find more purpose and fulfillment in their lives. Through individual coaching sessions and various global workshops Charmian has gathered deep insights into the issues facing ambitious women working in larger corporations.

This has fueled Charmian’s desire to help her corporate clients from MilesFurther develop deeper emotional understanding and support for their women leaders. She wants to help these women find more joy at work by being able to make more of a difference for the good of the company. Charmian’s own story of frustrated Senior Vice President in 2001 to joyful change-maker today gives her the empathy and the energy to know she can make change happen – on a corporate as well as personal level!

This new approach combines the best of both worlds to help female leaders succeed in a male-dominated world.  Charmian uses her expertise in getting below the surface to uncover the real (unspoken or unconscious) issues facing women in each particular organisation,  whilst also supporting the women with compassionate coaching to develop their power.


To find out more, book a free, no-obligation chat with Charmian

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