Working with Charmian was inspiring and resulted in a high quality outcome for Abbott Nutrition. The uniqueness of Charmian’s approach is that she excels in absolutely every aspect of the project: from building a robust strategic framework to creating and facilitating a high energy and exciting workshop to developing very well written concepts ready to be put into research.

Charmian is a master of identifying a fundamental insight – be it an organizational insight that helped us create a custom work flow for Abbott Nutrition, and consumer insights to fuel the pipeline of innovation ideas.

Julia Barysheva

Senior Brand Manager, Abbott Nutrition

MilesFurther has been a great source of actionable insights to Acer. Charmian Tardieu has always put in all her passion and strategic thinking into the projects we did with her, and she ALWAYS delivers, no matter how challenging the project. On top of this, the cooperation with Charmian is a delightful experience: she is highly responsive and always ready to make a strong and honest contribution to push our thinking. MilesFurther is my first choice as an agency for gathering strategic insights.

Maarten Schellekens

Vice President Global Marketing & Branding, Acer

Charmian truly inspired my team to develop concepts that are rooted in real consumer insights. She ran the workshop in a motivating way and made sure that we worked consumer centric. We will continue to work with her.

Kamran Wuehrmann

Director Marketing Research and Development, Bahlsen

I have worked with Charmian on a number of different consumer & concept workshops. What impressed me most about working with Charmian is her enthusiasm and positive energy that enable her to drive workshops to excellent results. She is highly flexible to adapt agenda and ways of working in order to deliver maximum output. Her personality combined with her creativity and consumer understanding make her a very valuable partner in the ideation process.

Catherine Niebuhr

Global Marketing Director, Beiersdorf (NIVEA & Eucerin)

I am impressed by MilesFurther and can wholeheartedly recommend Charmian!

Charmian supported us with concept development workshops, concept writing and the moderation of focus groups – always delivering to-the-point summaries and strong recommendations. With her in-depth understanding of consumers, her professionalism, and her excellent feeling for the right words, she significantly contributed to craft highly unique and relevant concepts. She is a skilled moderator, who understands a company’s strategic challenges, leading workshops by infecting every participant with her positive aura and passion.

Björn Böge,

International Marketing NIVEA, Beiersdorf (NIVEA & Eucerin)

Charmian and her team really understand their clients‘ needs. From day one on we had the feeling that we had a long-lasting business relationship – Keep going.

Ansgar Hölscher

Consumer & Market Intelligence, Beiersdorf (NIVEA & Eucerin)

Thanks to the friendly, enthusiastic and professional support of Charmian we managed to organize a very interesting workshop. The participants could openly talk about their thoughts and ideas what was necessary for a reliable outcome. Her planning, recommendations and moderating have made our project fun for the participants and led us to successful results. It was a pleasure to work with Charmian and we are looking forward to working with her in the future again!

Jennifer Bogolnicki

International Trade Marketing, Beiersdorf (NIVEA & Eucerin)

Charmian was my key sparring partner in one of our most visionary health & beauty innovation projects. Thanks to Charmian’s great experience, her endless energy and her unique way of structuring and stimulating discussions we developed a winning blueprint within weeks. Her can-do attitude combined with her flexibility and professionalism were massive enablers in defining consumer relevant insights and propositions that not only convinced top management but also tested very well with consumers and key stakeholders. Charmian, a true partner. Priceless.

Michael Flath

Marketing Director CEEMEA, Merck Consumer Health

I recently worked with Charmian on a concept writing workshop. Her energy and excellent moderation skills are fascinating! She really understood our business challenge and designed a great workshop around it. She created a great environment for workshop participants where they can interact heavily. It was a pleasure to work with her!

Eylem Samland

Global Brand Director, Merck Consumer Health

Charmian constructed and conducted an extremely productive workshop that leveraged all of our fragmented pieces of input and delivered on our business needs. She helped us move beyond the self-imposed “box” we had been working in, and encouraged us to investigate new spaces in a way that makes sense for our brand and business. And she did all this with very minimal input or work on our part – very impressive!

Julie Coulter

Global Marketing Consumer Health, Novartis

My experience can be summarized as: Excellent strategic support: Charmian showed to have a lot of strategic vision and marketing-communication experience, which she incorporates in process facilitation and concept development. skilled in marketing and communication, which is very supportive in translating ideas into consumer language. Smooth cooperation: They speak the same ‘language’ of concept development (the Philips way) and they showed to be perfectly able to lead a project without supervision of Market Intelligence. Reliable and flexible: due to their size they deliver on their promise and can adjust to your wishes and demands. Reporting: Their reporting is fast, thorough and insightful, with valuable additional market-facts. This reflects their personal dedication and willingness to really take you and your team further.

Wendeline Jans

Market Intelligence, Philips

Conducting global research can be a challenge. MilesFurther was a trusted partner in our exploration into the German dental care market. In addition to providing thorough, quality research, Charmian’s familiarity with and understanding of the US and German markets was an added benefit that helped the global marketing team more quickly assess the similarities and differences between markets.

Melanie Iwamoto

Global Marketing Research Manager, Philips

I have been working with Charmian on a couple of projects and she became a trusted partner to us. She has been hosting workshops with our top management, run qualitative research and helped in concept writing. All projects had one thing in common – her fabulous skills in understanding the strategic business challenge and to distill consumer understanding to help get answers to the challenge. Its more than moderation – she asks the right questions to help the client find the right answers. We value her as an enormous resource to use regularly!

Alexandra Messerschmidt

Brand Building Integrated Communications Associate Director, Procter & Gamble

I was always impressed with Charmian’s ability to deeply understand what her client goes after and then creating workshop formats accordingly. I’ve especially appreciated her not letting lose & contributing until the desired result is achieved with genuine interest and a touch of perfectionism. Charmian has a great talent to fuel excitement for reaching new horizons, helping teams to see beyond the obvious.

Beate Rosenthal

Associate Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble

Charmian was impressively fast in understanding our business challenges and consumer profiles. This made her a valuable partner in developing the research framework and a true leader in guiding us through concept development. We felt in completely safe working with Charmian that we would deliver on our objectives on time. It was a pleasure working with MilesFurther.

Stine Holtze Thomsen

Marketing, Procter & Gamble

Your energy and excellent moderation really helped us to move this project a huge step forward. The fact that you could take this project on at such a short notice was fantastic, and I really appreciate the support you gave us.

Maria Behn

Brand Manager, Braun, Procter & Gamble

Charmian has a unique ability to connect with consumers. They relax, open up and reveal thoughts and feelings that normally would not rise to the surface. She also has a very strategic mind which allows her to distil what consumers tell us into powerful business insights.

Mark Vandeneijnde

Consumer Market Knowledge, Procter & Gamble

It was a pleasure working with you. Everybody has been impressed by the professionalism and enthusiasm you showed during the research. In a short timing you set up the research and showed a deep understanding of the objectives. The way you guided the moderators and condensed the learnings led to an outstanding result. Without you we wouldn’t have been able to generate the learnings that will step-change our strategies. Your native knowledge of English and German has additionally been a tremendous help.

Maximilian Schnorr

Lenor Brand Management, Procter & Gamble

I wanted to thank you for handling this research in such a fantastic way. On top of the management of the interviews/pictures/consumers pre-work and so on (quite a bit of added complexity!), I was especially impressed by the quality of the summary you send after the debrief of the interviews. I really valued having you as a member of the team for this project and am looking forward to working with you in the future!

Marie-France Birchler

Consumer Market Knowledge, Procter & Gamble

It was a pioneering experience to work with you, Charmian! Your way of working and motivation has been inspiring and invaluable in an ongoing transformation process. Across functions, you helped us to fuel passion for a greater ideation and took us miles further in our strategic innovation pipeline development. Thank you very much for your outstanding dedication and positivity. You are my first choice as sparring partner in any ideation process. I look forward to working with you again.

Susanne Helmtag

Group Product Manager, STADA

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