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The power of a growth mindset

Can you cultivate a growth mindset?  Is it possible to retrain your brain to believe that consistent effort – not “natural talent” – will get you to your goals?

I grew up in a family where academic ability was all that mattered.  My brother and sister were naturally brilliant.  Like my Oxford-educated parents, they too were “destined” for greatness and an Oxbridge education.  I was told:  “There are other universities, dear” – like I was a lost cause.

When I 7started doing really well in school in later adolescence, I felt like an imposter.  I was the “stupid one” after all, with little natural talent, who had got somewhere through grit and determination, but that I would be found out if people dug deep enough.

Instead of sitting the Oxbridge entrance exam, I had a breakdown instead. I didn’t want truly clever people to find out how “stupid” I really was.

Today I am grateful for this difficult experience because it set me on a life-long journey of discovery and learning as to what makes us truly happy, successful and fulfilled.

It helped me understand how we self-sabotage by accepting the limiting beliefs of others as our own.

Through much therapy, coaching, reading, seminar-taking and reflecting on my life’s triumphs and set-backs, I have learned so much about how to navigate and manage the pitfalls of my own thinking.

As a coach I come alive by helping others recognise their true potential and tap into their natural power and joy.

We can all access our unique creativity to contribute to making this world a better place for those around us.

We often just need to learn to quieten the saboteur voices and start taking small, consistent steps towards what we really want.

I have seen the transformation – both in myself and those I have coached!

It is indeed possible to change our life by changing our way of thinking – even if we have grown up believing that it is natural talent is the key to success and that we are somehow “lacking” in comparison to others.

We all have our own light to shine.   Sometimes we just need a little help from someone else to develop that “growth” mindset to keep us going, especially when those saboteur voices of self-doubt are screaming at us to stay small and safe.

If you’d like a little help connecting to your courage and exploring different perspectives on how to reach your goals, please reach out to me!

As a coach, I can help you cultivate the growth mindset to make real change happen and create the life you really want for yourself.

Thank you so much for making it to the end of this post! If you are interested in more of what I do, please feel free to contact me via this website, or take a look at thejoycoach.com – a new, more personal site (still a work in progress 😊).


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