Bridging Strategy and Team Dynamics for Over 20 Years

Innovation Consulting: Unlock Your Team‘s Full Potential

Led by Charmian Tardieu, the MilesFurther approach fuses coaching expertise with strategic vision to get teams working together with more purpose, insight and creativity.

Proven Innovation Excellence

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For over 20 years MilesFurther has been helping companies facilitate positive change for future growth.
We do this in two ways

  • We coach teams to be more creative and collaborative together, consciously designing an innovation-friendly culture
  • We guide teams across the world to develop insight-driven strategy and new concepts.

Empowering Creativity and Collaboration

Innovation Consulting: What We Offer

Explore how MilesFurther empowers teams through dual-focused coaching: guiding the ‘doing’ of innovation strategy and concept development, alongside the ‘being’—fostering a collaborative and creative culture among people and systems. It’s our comprehensive approach to nurturing innovation success.

Team Coaching & Development

Whether you need coaching for your team or organisation to solve a particular issue, or want overall better performance using a proven program, we can help.  We deliver measurable improvements in psychological safety and communication to deliver better teamwork.

Strategy Workshop Facilitation

We provide strategic guidance for teams to develop innovation strategy.  We have an insight-driven process and coach teams in data-driven creativity. We facilitate workshops for clarity and creativity around brand strategy and new product concepts. 

“Creating safe spaces for people & ideas to flourish”

Our purpose to facilitate positive change and meaningful connection in the workplace, so that people can feel seen and heard, able to unfold their most creative and compassionate selves.

Driven by the values of connection, curiosity and courage, we create environments that allow people to thrive and brilliant ideas that change the world for the better to be born.

Client Testimonials

What Innovation Leaders Say About MilesFurther

Hear directly from innovation leaders who’ve experienced transformative success with MilesFurther’s approach.

Charmian Tardieu

About MilesFurther

Meet Charmian Tardieu, the driving force behind MilesFurther.

With a blend of global strategy expertise and a passion for coaching, Charmian guides teams to new levels of insight and connection, helping leaders achieve their goals in the innovation space.

Ready to unlock your team’s potential?

Discover how you can achieve your leadership goals—from driving business success to enhancing team dynamics with Charmian.

Whether you’re aiming to boost team performance or seeking fresh ideas for your innovation pipeline, Charmian is ready to guide you. Let’s make it happen. Talk to us!