Transforming Insight into Action

Innovation Strategy Facilitation

In today’s rapidly evolving and complex landscape, the need for innovation strategy facilitation has never been more critical. Navigating this ever-changing environment demands a profound understanding of not only the explicit needs and wants of the target audience but also their subconscious and emotional drivers. Coupled with a keen awareness of trends and business constraints, it requires a skilled navigator to help teams discern the essential from the extraneous, transforming overwhelming data into actionable insights and clear pathways forward.

Key Benefits

Empowering Your Team‘s Success

1. Unlock Creative Potential

We create the conditions that allow your team's creativity to soar, turning complex data into relatable human truths.

2. Inspire Actionable Insights

Our expertise transforms data into clear, direction-giving insights, sparking bigger ideas for communication and product development.

3. Craft Resonant Concepts

We help shape concepts that not only resonate with your audience but also drive brand growth and innovation.

Fueling Growth with Insightful Innovation and Crafted Stories

At the heart of our process is the transformation of dense data into simple, engaging truths that speak directly to human emotions. This approach not only makes insights accessible but also actionable, providing a solid foundation for innovation.

By inspiring your team with deeper insights, we set the stage for the development of larger-than-life ideas that propel your brand forward. With MilesFurther, you’re not just facilitating innovation; you’re crafting stories that connect, resonate and inspire both your team and your target audience to move towards a brighter, more innovative future.

Our Approach

Since 2002, MilesFurther has been at the forefront of helping teams transform data into human truths, igniting creativity and fostering growth. Our approach to innovation strategy facilitation is rooted in the belief that emotional connections are the catalysts for groundbreaking ideas.

We dive deep to uncover what truly resonates with your target audience, creating the perfect environment for your team’s creative potential to flourish.

Our passion is to nurture superior ideas that advance within your organisation, pushing boundaries and setting new standards.

Innovation Unlocked

A Four-Step Journey

Our method is simple: we use insight-driven innovation to help businesses grow. With a four-step process, we guide teams toward creating strategies and new product concepts that truly resonate with their audience. While going through all four steps yields the best results, we’re flexible and ready to support you at any stage of your innovation journey. It’s about making innovation work for you.

1. Strategic Analysis

Understanding is the first step towards innovation. We dive deep into your brand, market landscape, existing research, challenges, and opportunities to lay a solid foundation for growth.

2. Getting to know the target

Insight is our currency. Through creative qualitative market research, often with our direct involvement in moderation, we uncover the deeper insights about your target audience that traditional methods might miss.

3. Insight & Innovation Workshops

This is where transformation begins. We engage and coach your team to view your target audience from new perspectives. Our workshops are designed to facilitate a creative process, leveraging insights to spark innovative ideas.

4. Concept Development & Validation

Ideas need validation to flourish. We assist in crafting compelling concepts and then take these concepts back to your target audience for feedback, ensuring they meet the "double-green" standard—viable for your brand and desired by your audience.

Why Us

Why Choose MilesFurther?

Charmian and her network of expert coaches and strategists at MilesFurther directly address the core challenges hindering team innovation and collaboration. Here’s why choosing MilesFurther accelerates your team’s path to success:

With Charmian, propel your team beyond limitations towards achieving tangible innovation and goals.

Innovation Strategy Facilitation

MilesFurther insight-driven process leads to concepts that test “double-green”


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Insight & Innovation Workshops


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Proven Innovation Excellence

Trusted by industry leaders

Empower your team to excel in creativity and performance. Led by Charmian Tardieu, our approach fuses strategic insight with psychological safety, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2002 MilesFurther has been helping some of the world’s leading companies grow their businesses.

What services does MilesFurther offer?

MilesFurther specializes in team coaching and innovation strategy. Our services include facilitating workshops to overcome resistance to change, fostering a culture of collaboration, aligning team efforts with customer needs, and developing clear, innovative strategies and creative concepts.

How does Charmian differ from other team coaches and strategists?

Charmian brings a unique blend of expertise in team coaching and innovation strategy, backed by a proven track record. She personalizes her approach to meet each team’s specific challenges, leveraging a network of experts to provide comprehensive support.

Can MilesFurther help if our team is new to innovation?

Absolutely. Whether your team is just beginning its innovation journey or looking to overcome specific obstacles, MilesFurther is equipped to guide teams at any stage, helping to instill a culture of innovation and creativity.

What is the expected outcome of working with MilesFurther?

Teams working with MilesFurther can expect enhanced adaptability, a stronger culture of collaboration and innovation, solutions that are closely aligned with customer needs, and a clearer strategy for achieving their goals.

How long does a typical engagement with MilesFurther last?

The duration of our engagement varies based on the team’s needs and objectives. It can range from a single workshop to ongoing coaching and strategy sessions spread over several months.

Is MilesFurther suitable for any industry?

Yes, the principles of team coaching and innovation strategy are applicable across all industries. Charmian tailors her approach to fit the unique context and challenges of your industry.

How do we start working with MilesFurther?

The first step is a consultation with Charmian to discuss your team’s goals and challenges. From there, we’ll design a tailored program that meets your specific needs.