“I am Charmian Tardieu”

A highly respected coach, moderator and insight strategist, Charmian founded MilesFurther in 2002, leveraging her successful career as a marketing strategist in Europe and the US.

Originally a consultancy focused on insights and innovation, Charmian has, over the years, broadened its services to include team and leadership coaching, aiming to provide clients with lasting impacts on innovation and performance.

Operating worldwide from her Hamburg office, MilesFurther, under Charmian’s leadership, relies on a trusted network of coaches, strategists and research agencies.

This global operation supports leaders eager to foster an innovation culture where every team member thrives, harnessing system intelligence and amplifying individual potential.

Charmian’s insatiable curiosity about people drives her. She engages with others with an open heart and a positive spirit, striving to uncover deeper insights and help individuals realise their potential. Her passion lies in discovering fresh perspectives and stimulating creativity, contributing to the growth of both people and businesses.

"Nurturing growth and insight with creativity and connection."

Charmian’s story

At 34, Charmian had already scaled the heights of her profession as an SVP Director of Strategy in LA, with a picturesque beachside home and a future filled with the promise of family.

But when life’s waves brought unforeseen challenges, she rose to the occasion. Facing the upheaval of single motherhood, job loss and the uncertainty of her immigration status, she channelled her strength and foresight into a bold move—relocating to Germany to begin anew with her own company, MilesFurther, spurred on by her son Miles and a dedication to elevating others.

The transformative journey of MilesFurther is encapsulated in its evolving logo: what began as a symbol of growth transformed into footsteps of equal stride, representing shared progress.

Charmian’s bicultural upbringing in Hamburg and the UK instilled in her the significance of psychological safety and supportive networks as cornerstones for realising one’s potential.

Charmian’s story is one of relentless dream-chasing. It’s a powerful reminder of the heights we can reach by believing in our potential and helping others exceed their own expectations. Her life underscores the adage: with resilience as our anchor and hope as our compass, we can all go MilesFurther.

Purpose and Values

We believe that fostering empathy and psychological safety is the springboard to more creativity and higher performance.

We create safe spaces for systems to navigate change, allowing every voice to be heard

We help teams understand each other’s motivations and strengths

We coach teams to find common purpose and see new possibilities