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Team Coaching and Development at MilesFurther

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, the need to cultivate safe spaces for teams has never been more crucial. At MilesFurther, we’re committed to unlocking the potential of teams, not just for higher performance, but for creating an environment where psychological safety paves the way for fearless, strategic collaboration in the face of external challenges.

Under the guidance of Charmian Tardieu, a certified professional coach with a distinguished history of transforming corporate teams, our team coaching and development approach is innovative and effective.

With a network of seasoned leadership coaches, we address core challenges like purpose alignment, overcoming fear of failure and enhancing collaboration, ensuring teams are equipped to navigate change with confidence and creativity.

“Psychological safety has been proven to be the most critical element for team success”

As found out by Google’s Project Aristotle with extensive analysis involving over 180 teams over a 2-year period

Research on Teams

Teams with low psychological safety:

Teams without psychological safety navigate a landscape of hesitation and restraint. This environment stifles innovation and limits achievement potential, as members are deterred from pushing boundaries or questioning norms.

Source:  Mural, Teamwork Research Report, 2024


Employee burnout




Missed Goals


Missed deadlines


Lost Business



Why Psychological Safety is Key

At MilesFurther, psychological safety is the cornerstone of our coaching methodology. Our approach is backed by a proven, measurable track record of elevating psychological safety within teams. By fostering an environment where individuals feel supported to share ideas and take risks without fear, we unlock a realm of innovation and performance excellence. This focus is essential for driving sustainable success.

Our Services

Our services cater to the unique needs of every team. Engage in a dialogue with us to tailor a customised approach, ensuring your team’s specific challenges are met with precision.

Alternatively, embark on our foundation Team Coaching Development Program, measurably proven to enhance psychological safety and communication.

For teams ready to elevate further, our Advanced Innovation Development Program builds on the foundation to foster groundbreaking innovation.

Every choice is infused with our human-centric approach—positivity, commitment and curiosity ensure we really meet your needs, in true Charmian spirit.

Team Coaching Development Program

Our flagship Team Coaching Development Program enhances psychological safety through the three pillars of Understanding, Purpose, and Design, laying the foundation for team success.

Steps in the Program

The Three Pillars of the Team Coaching Development Program

MilesFurther’s effective three-step process measurably elevates psychological safety, cultivating a thriving team environment.

Empathy through the Enneagram

  • Appreciation for others‘ differences
  • Motivations and Triggers
  • Shifts in perspective

Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: Individual Assessments
Start with a deep dive into each team member’s unique strengths and areas for growth through personalized assessments.

Step 2: Personalized Coaching
Next, individuals receive coaching to understand their behaviors and their impact on team dynamics, fostering personal growth and insight.

Step 3: Enneagram Team Workshop Day (Integrative9 Enneagram)
The program culminates in an Enneagram team workshop day, designed to strengthen team cohesion. This workshop is key to developing a deeper mutual understanding, enabling more effective collaboration by appreciating the diversity within personalities and team dynamics.

Defining Direction Together

  • Finding out what unites us 
  • Moving forward with purpose
  • Meaningful individual contribution

Here’s how we do it:

Purpose and Values Development:
A clear sense of purpose and shared values are vital for team cohesion. We facilitate sessions to help teams articulate their purpose and align on core values, fostering a sense of unity and direction.

Revealing the System to Itself

  • Building awareness
  • Designing a team codex
  • Navigating change

Here’s how we do it:

Systems Approach with Conscious Leadership Tools:
To cultivate new, productive habits and a positive team culture, we employ a systems approach. This includes the use of conscious leadership tools to encourage curiosity over judgment, promoting an environment where innovation can thrive.

The Advanced Team Innovation Coaching Program

Building on our Team Coaching Development Program, the Advanced Team Innovation Coaching Program is designed for teams ready to foster a culture of innovation. It’s the perfect next step for those aiming to infuse their work environment with creativity and flexibility, preparing to lead in an ever-changing landscape. This program is your pathway to unlocking and harnessing the collective innovative capabilities of your team.

Fostering Innovation

The Advanced Team Innovation Coaching Program

The Advanced Team Innovation Coaching Program is structured around three pivotal pillars essential for cultivating an innovation culture: Mindset, Creativity, and Exploration. Each pillar is explored through immersive workshops, available in full or half-day formats, designed to unlock your team’s creative and innovative potential.

  • Cultivates a growth mindset, valuing learning from intelligent failures over perfection.
  • Encourages stepping out of comfort zones to foster resilience and open-mindedness.
  • Focuses on embracing challenges as opportunities for innovation and growth.
  • Utilises play and improvisation as tools to spark connections and enhance team dynamics.
  • Injects fun and fluidity into problem-solving, making innovation an enjoyable process.
  • Encourages viewing challenges through the lens of play and possibility for fresh solutions.
  • Employs constellations and methodologies like deep democracy and lands work for diverse perspectives.
  • Promotes the exploration of topics through different lenses to unlock innovative paths forward.
  • Encourages breaking traditional boundaries to discover untapped opportunities and solutions.

Overall Impact

By building on the foundational MilesFurther 3-pillar team development program, this advanced program aims to equip teams in the innovation space with the mindset, tools, and empathy needed to foster a thriving culture of creativity and possibility

Need a more customised approach?

Why Us

Why Choose MilesFurther?

Charmian and her network of expert coaches and strategists at MilesFurther directly address the core challenges hindering team innovation and collaboration. Here’s why choosing MilesFurther accelerates your team’s path to success:

With Charmian, propel your team beyond limitations towards achieving tangible innovation and goals.

Proven Innovation Excellence

Trusted by industry leaders

Empower your team to excel in creativity and performance. Led by Charmian Tardieu, our approach fuses strategic insight with psychological safety, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2002, Charmian at MilesFurther has been weaving creativity and human connection into the fabric of teams, sparking innovation and growth in leading companies.

What services does MilesFurther offer?

MilesFurther specialises in team coaching and innovation strategy. Our services include facilitating workshops to overcome resistance to change, fostering a culture of collaboration, aligning team efforts with customer needs, and developing clear, innovative strategies and creative concepts.

How does Charmian differ from other team coaches and strategists?

Charmian brings a unique blend of expertise in team coaching and innovation strategy, backed by a proven track record. She personalises her approach to meet each team’s specific challenges, leveraging a network of experts to provide comprehensive support.

Can MilesFurther help if our team is new to innovation?

Absolutely. Whether your team is just beginning its innovation journey or looking to overcome specific obstacles, MilesFurther is equipped to guide teams at any stage, helping to instill a culture of innovation and creativity.

What is the expected outcome of working with MilesFurther?

Teams working with MilesFurther can expect enhanced adaptability, a stronger culture of collaboration and innovation, solutions that are closely aligned with customer needs, and a clearer strategy for achieving their goals.

How long does a typical engagement with MilesFurther last?

The duration of our engagement varies based on the team’s needs and objectives. It can range from a single workshop to ongoing coaching and strategy sessions spread over several months.

Is MilesFurther suitable for any industry?

Yes, the principles of team coaching and innovation strategy are applicable across all industries. Charmian tailors her approach to fit the unique context and challenges of your industry.

How do we start working with MilesFurther?

The first step is a consultation with Charmian to discuss your team’s goals and challenges. From there, we’ll design a tailored program that meets your specific needs.

Ready to unlock your team’s potential?

Discover how you can achieve your leadership goals—from driving business success to enhancing team dynamics with Charmian.

Whether you’re aiming to boost team performance or seeking fresh ideas for your innovation pipeline, Charmian is ready to guide you. Let’s make it happen. Talk to us!